New album scheduled for release in Spring 2015

We live. We learn. We grow.

It’s been almost 3 years since the release of “The Energy of Thought,” and it was officially announced that the follow-up to the 2012 debut is scheduled to be released this Spring. With a lot weighing on his shoulders, Justin Hicks felt like it was time to write.

“I think you just know when it’s time,” says Hicks, who celebrated recent success with his band Ventura Lights, who released their debut album “Way Up Here” in August 2013 and rose to #46 on the iTunes Rock charts during its launch.

“One day, you’re not thinking of any ideas or experiences to write about and the creative part of you is at rest, and then the next day is like someone flipped a switch,” Hicks stated. ” You just keep writing and writing and all of a sudden you have over 80 demos. So it’s a matter finding the core of what message you are trying to convey, and organizing it in such a way that helps others understand where you are coming from.”

The new release, tentatively titled “Finding the Surface,” will be about exactly that — finding the place where we can contemplate on the frictions of our past and use the lessons learned as fuel to seek solace in the future.

“I think of this album as putting my feelings in a bottle, and letting people observe them on a shelf. I’ve had many experiences in which I felt that things should have gone differently or felt a certain level of angst about something,” says Hicks, “and if I put it in this bottle, I can release it and then sort of close the lid on it so that it doesn’t bother me anymore, but still allow others to hear those thoughts and stories.”

Hicks also says that this album will be much heavier than the previous release.

“My taste in music continues to get heavier these days, it seems,” he admits. “I’ve never been one to shy away from a heavy-hitting riff or a growling or screaming vocal here and there. I feel like every element of music has its place and purpose as long as the nature of its origin stays true to the author’s emotion and intentions.”